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Pediatric CPR Instructor

Product # CL1703

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No matter how careful you are, kids get hurt. We can help you handle the usual bumps and bruises as well as more serious injuries and sudden illnesses.

The National Safety Council's Pediatric First Aid, CPR and AED programs cover the latest techniques for emergency care, plus practical safety tips for preventing injuries.Our programs also address important issues such as caring for children with medical conditions (asthma, diabetes, HIV), and dealing with signs of abuse and neglect. Our pediatric programs were the first to focus exclusively on how injuries affect babies and young children. Child care professionals praise them, and they meet the first aid and CPR certification standards of all 50 states.

The Pediatric First Aid, CPR and AED course covers:

    Breathing and cardiac emergencies in infants and children

    Identifying and caring for commonage-related injuries   

    Preventing childhood injuries

It's for child care providers, early childhood education professors or students, youth organizations, and parents.